Multi V1 Rated, ’13 RCC National Youth Siegerin, 15’ National Siegerin, MOTCH, Can. CH Tierney’s A Real Head Turner v Brooklane, BH, IPO1, TR2, OB2, TD, DDX (x2), BDDX, HIC, CAX , RATN , RN,TT, CGN, #1 Working Dog, #1 Rottweiler and #18 CKC Obedience Dog for 2015, RCC Honor Roll, RCC Hall of Fame, RCC Versatility and RCC Versatility Excellent, #4 Rottweiler in Breed and #10  in the Working Group in CKC Obedience for 2017 in very limited trials.  Her daughter Lieben was right behind her in the standings for 2018 for obedience.

Rottweiler Lana

CHICHealth Test at OFA CHIC #93634

NEWS FLASH!!  Lana earns High in Class from Rally Novice B under judge Darwin Boles, at the 2017 RCC Nationals Rottweiler Only Rally Trial.  This finishes Lana's RN title.  Lana was also High in Class out of Open B and Utility B at the 2017 RCC Nationals Rottweiler Only Obedience Trial.


Lana Head shot 2018

Photo Credit: Gary Baldwin

Rally Winners at RCC Specialty

Photo credit: Janice Skeldon

Rottweiler Lana heeling

Photo credit: Janice Skeldon



2015 CKC Obedience Standings - #1 Rottweiler, #1 Working Group #18 All Breed
Lana became the first Rottweiler to earn ALL four draft titles offered in CKC: DD, DDX, BDD and BDDX.
Lana first Rottweiler in Canada to earn all 4 drafting titles
Lana earns her MOTCH Title
Lana Motch
lana motch
Tierney Rottweilers is pleased to announce that Lana earned her IPO1 on Saturday, June 28th, 2014 at the GSSCC Chinook Schutzhund Club of Calgary’s summer trial under GSSCC Judge, Jim Chrisp.  She got wonderful critiques and placed second overall in the trial.  We are very proud of Lana and her accomplishments at such a young age.  Expertly handled to this new title by Woody.  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS FROM LANA'S IPO1


Gwen Haynes, Lana, Judges: (L to R), Pauline, Tubby and Denise
Lana earns her DDX at just 24 months of age!!!
Equipment check
Before starting the 4 foot back up another equipment check
Lana driving with Gwen behind the cart
Maneover beside the cart
2013 RCC National Youth Siegerin and V1. Judge Anton Spindler
2013 Rottweiler Club of Canada National Sieger Show
ADRK Judge and Kormeister: Anton Spindler
Class: Junghundklasse 18 – 24 month females
Location: DeWinton, AB
Date: September 21, 2013


Scissor bite, medium brown mouth pigmentation with partly spotted gums, tall strong build, alert, dark brown eyes, strong skull, full of temperament, little ears left partly incorrect, broad back, correct angulation, deep chest, strong muscled at the rear, short coat, brown clear markings, easy going movement.

Rating: V1 and Youth Siegerin
Lana (L) and Lana’s Dad, Logan (R)
lana 2013
Lana doing a bark and hold at the RCC seminar with ADRK Judge, Anton Spindler
Lana earning 3rd Place in the Fastest Recall contest
Lana and Woody earning their BH
Photo credit to Melissa Waters at

Photo by: Garry Baldwin

Lana learning to do a bark and hold in the blind – 9 months old
Lana - 15 months - Can CH. Tierney’s A Real Head Turner v Brooklane, HIC, CGC
Lana - 11 months (Yorkton Kennel Club: August 2012)
Lana 7 months old going RWB at Red Deer Kennel Club show (April 2012)
Lana 10 months old
Lana 10 months old – Evelyn Kenny show (July 2012)
Lana's first time on sheep
Lana's Very First Bark and Hold in the Blind. (9 months old)




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