Forever in our hearts..... February 8, 2005 - August 14, 2014

Edel came to the Tierney Rottweiler household in September of 2011. I had the fortune to take her in when her second home could no longer keep her. Jackie asked me if I would be interested in just housing her for the weekend until she could make further arrangements, and as they say ...... the rest is history. I have known Edel since she was a baby. I had the opportunity to take her herding a few years ago and fell in love with her natural ability. At the time though, I had my own dogs (Logan and Lucy) that I was busy herding with. While Edel obtained a few herding titles with me, I never really quite committed to herding her on a full time basis. At the age of 7 when she came to live with us permanently, I decided that she needed a full time job and this job would be herding. For a dog that had not been herding for many years, she took to it again like a duck to water. We entered her in the Rottweiler Club of Canada's CKC herding trial in June of 2012. Edel did great and obtained her Herding Started title. She also earned several High Scoring Rottweiler awards as well as Overall High Scoring Rottweiler for the trials. She is currently ranked in Canada as number 6 in herding started (as at June 30, 2012 as per Herding Championship Showcase standings). We shall continue to herd with Edel for as long as she able to herd. What most people don't know about Edel is, she has a cataract in one eye which has limited her vision in that eye to 30%. What she makes up for in her lack of vision, she makes up for in her tremendous heart and love for her people. She is also the best nanny we could ask for, for our Lana. They are inseparable.

Edel finished the CKC herding 2012 season as #5 All Breed (out of 65 dogs who received qualifying scores) for Herding Started and #1 Breed. Congrats Edel on a job well done.”


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